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Big Grass Outfitters Black Bear Hunt

alexander sarsfieldHunters define success in a lot of different ways… sometimes it is a harvesting a trophy, sometimes it is seeing a lot of game, sometimes it is getting home in one piece. The June, 2015 OutfittersRating.com Team hunt was successful any way you look at it. Lots of bears were seen and harvested, everyone had a safe hunt, and new friends were made. But what really made this hunt an overwhelming success was having 15 year old Alexander Sarsfield take his first bear with his new Remington .308 rifle during his special Outdoor Dream Foundation hunt.

big bearAlexander spent a few days watching bears from his ground blind. When the right bear showed up, he was ready. All the action was captured on camera and will air on Outdoor Dream TV in 2016.

Alexander’s mom Shelley sent us a note after the hunt saying:

“I haven't seen my child like this in 5 years. He talked non-stop til 2:00am and still was going strong today. For the first time in 5 years I cried tears of joy instead of sadness tears. I can't tell you how much this has done for him, especially with him getting ready to go through the transplant.”

A special thanks to Tom and Judy Usunier and the rest of the crew at Big Grass Outfitters in Manitoba for making the hunt special for Alexander and OutfittersRating.com Team.
team photo
bobby davis lodge bear