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It Takes a Village...

kaleb buck group photoA whole lot of big-hearted people from Newcastle, Wyoming teamed together to provide an Outdoor Dream Foundation hunt for Kaleb Buck. Special thanks go to Joe Sandrini for all for all of the coordination, Dick Terry for his expert guiding, CA Meats (Sundance, WY) for the game processing, and of course all of the landowners who offered up their property for the hunt.


kaleb buck pronghornThe hunt started off with a bang as Kaleb’s new Remington .308 reached out 250 yards to knock down his first Pronghorn.


kaleb buck elkA couple of days later, after a number of unsuccessful stalks, Kaleb caught a monster (356”) bull Elk on the edge of the timber, 275 yards across a windblown meadow. After a good 1st shot and few insurance shots, the bull crashed to the ground.


kaleb buck mulieThat same evening Kaleb stood on the edge of a meadow and watched as a buck Mule Deer followed a hot doe, oblivious to Kaleb’s presence. After the long shots on his Pronghorn and Elk, the 50 yard shot on the Mule Deer was a slam dunk.

Kaleb and his family will be eating well this winter!