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Speed Goats in South Dakota

speed goatsWith generous donations from Crooked Creek Outfitters, South Dakota Game Fish & Parks, and Sheep Mountain Taxidermy, an Outdoor Dream Foundation Pronghorn hunt was set up for Dillon Greenway and Austin Scott.


After a couple of long days in bale blinds, watching Pronghorn running back and forth, both boys harvested Goats with their crossbows.

speed goat1 speed goat3

With a day to spare, the boys were taken to visit a private dinosaur dig. It’s not every day you get to see and learn about the extraction of a 70 million year old Torosaurus from under 50 feet of earth!

speed goat5

On their way home, Dillon and Austin squeezed in a quick visit to the Mt. Rushmore. South Dakota needs to change their motto to: “Great Places, Great Faces, and Great People”.

 speed goat2