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Frigid but Fun!

cow elkLane Bethany did his Outdoor Dream Foundation the hard way… cold, cold, cold! He hunted Cow Elk near Douglas, Wyoming, accompanied by ODF volunteer Bradley Ruff, Outfitter Dax McCarty, and his father Anthony.


The first week of January 17 had sub-zero temperatures with wind chill in the minus 20’s. Daytime highs barely hit single digits. The cold didn’t cool Lane's enthusiasm - he was excited about the adventure. He got to see his first wild Elk ever, and was amazed at the size of the animals.

Glassing was a big part of the hunt. Falling and blowing snow made that a bit challenging. The group eventually spotted some elk and put a stalk on them. But with the distance, the elevation, and the number of sharp eyes in the herd, it was more difficult than Lane expected - the elk went over the ridge and were gone.

On day 2 they spotted another herd feeding along a hillside and Dax led Lane on the stalk. It was a difficult climb with Lane's condition, but Lane put in a full effort and got within shooting distance. The Elk were moving along a steep rocky hillside. Lane picked one out and rested on a big rock for the shot. When the cow stopped Lane did exactly as Dax had instructed and took a 280 yard shot! Dax hustled up the hillside and found the cow just 20 yards over the top. Lane was relieved to see Dax reappear on the skyline and raise both arms straight in the air.

gooseWith time to spare, a bonus Goose hunt was set up for Lane. He had hunted ducks, but never geese. Hunting from a pit with propane heaters was the ticket with the temperature at -17. Lane got comfortable and settled in for the action to begin. Dax called and pulled flight after flight of Canadas into the decoys. Lane proved to be a great wing shooter, and filled his limit early that morning.