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Ethan Brown put ‘em down!

brown turkey

Ethan Brown, from Liberty, SC has limited vision, is confined to a wheelchair, cannot talk, and cannot hear. Volunteers from the Outdoor Dream Foundation were Ethan’s eyes, ears, and legs for his Florida turkey and hog hunt.


Ethan’s sign language and texting abilities were perfect for communication during his hunt. Especially with sharp-eared turkeys in the area. When the opportunity arose, Ethan slammed a big Tom using an IPhone adapted scope and a special shotgun mount. He lined up the crosshairs and pulled the trigger on his own!

This was a real hunt with more than real challenges. Ethan took a shot at a big hog, but like any hunter occasionally does, he missed. It was still a great adventure.

Ethan’s parents, Rick and Jan, accompanied him on his hunt and during his ranch experience. Ethan rode a horse and fed a calf – not something he gets to do every day.

Congrats to Ethan on a successful hunt!