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Bear Hunting’s a “Rush”

rush black bear

Jonathan Rush and his Dad John traveled to Manitoba, Canada to hunt Black Bear with Dean McCulloch at Muskeg Country Outfitters in May ‘17. Dean had lost his wife to cancer earlier in the year, and after seeing the Outdoor Dream TV Show, decided to honor his wife by offering a dream hunt to the ODF.


This was Jonathan’s first bear hunt and he was very excited. The first day he saw two brown colored black bears and one that was black – he held off and did not shoot.

The next day he went to another stand and had a close encounter on the ground before he even got into the stand. Once up in the stand and after a brief rain shower, two bears came in – one of them climbed Jonathan’s tree right up to the stand platform. A stomp of the foot and the curious bear quickly retreated. A few minutes later a big bear came in and Jonathan said “that’s the one I want”! He waited patiently and then took his bear with one shot.